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July 1, 2011

Recent code project

Back in the middle of may, the web host that I use for Java projects--Lunarpages--dropped one of my sites because it was getting more hits than was permitted on a shared server. Their proposed solution was for me to purchase a dedicated server, trading an $8/month service for a $100/month one. I was kindof irritated that there was no inbetween, but you get what you pay for. Their business model was probably always to force the more active sites onto expensive servers contracts. I was lucky that I had the means to relatively quickly re-host, but others are probably more limited in their choices.

That killed a few weeks of productivity setting things up and tweaking and monitoring the new server. Once finished, I got back on my current Android project: an application that will let you create applications on the phone. For the past two weeks have had my head buried in code. This week, I got the basic script interpreter written and have it plugged into the application/module/control object framework. Still a lot to go, but as with any good project it has many areas to keep me interested.

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Entries tagged "radiowave"

May 13, 2011

The untimely demise of RadioWave

For the past month, I've been struggling with keeping RadioWave up based on complaints from the web hosting company, Lunarpages. I'm on a shared hosting server that's gone up from hosting ~300 sites a couple of years ago to >500 now. In the same time RadioWave has grown from ~5,000 hits/day to ~15,000. After the initial complaints, I moved the databases to a non-Lunarpages server. That helped for two weeks, but earlier today Lunarpages finally took RadioWave completely offline due to "extremely high traffic". The solution they offered was to purchase a dedicated server for $110/month (up from the $8/month I'm paying now). Even if I decided to dump ads on the site, it's unlikely that enough would be brought in to make it worth it.

I started RW in 2004 (a little over six years ago), and it's still a site I go to almost every day. I listen to internet radio a lot. It was also the first Java code that I wrote--some of which is looking quite hairy now. Every few months I'd get an email suggesting a new station or providing a corrected stream link, so it was nice to offer something useful to a few people. This is a busy weekend, but some of it will now be spent researching hosting companies. meh.

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