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November 15, 2010

Mutants and dwarfs

[ 3/5 | IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes ]


Back in September we went to see the fourth Resdient Evil movie (Afterlife!). In 3D (!!). The same 3D technology used for Avatar (!!!). Needless to say, you need to like this sort of thing to like this sort of thing and even then you may not like *this* sort of thing. The 3D was very attractive and the monsters were garish enough. Major marks against it for characters less endearing than in previous entries, and plot holes--in a genre that refuses to acknowledge the existence of plot holes--that were inexplicable. Still, it was everything you need in a cinema/drafthouse/3D experience.


Also at the Buckhead Fork & Screen. The Met simulcasts their operas, and with the Ring Cycle being performed this season we decided to try it out. The cushy seats and wine and light food at F&S is perfect for a 3+ hour opera, but the close quarters make reading the subtitles nearly impossible. Get there early and choose a table at the front of a tier. The backstage preview they broadcast before the performance was a nice addition. Hearing the Rheinmaidens casually riff their parts as they get comfortable with an uncomfortable set was fantastic.

Walkuere is May, but before that is Nixon in China in the middle of February!

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October 24, 2008

Notes on Resident Evil: Extinction

Rewatching the movie. We'd originally seen it (pretty drunk) at the drive-in. A few weeks ago I impulse purchased all three from Amazon on the cheap.

  1. Resident Evil
  2. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  3. Resident Evil: Extinction

We've been rewatching (also drunk) late nights when we get home and don't have the minds to focus on anything, shall-we-say, coherent. Watching Extinction now:

  • Milla Jovovich Resident Evil 3 v. Milla Jovovich Fifth Element has matured and become more attractive.
  • Each movie--though essentially a video game as GH had commented to me--has it's own set/mood. Underground claustrophobia; apocalyptic city-scape; world dessert.
  • I like the different scenes in Extinction: underground outpost, Milla, and Damnation Alley convoy.
  • Pros of Milla riding a motorcycle in such a situation: gas mileage, versatility; cons: exposure! But I guess a car is not that protective against zombies.
  • Alternate title for the movies: Milla Jovovich Wakes up Naked and Wears a Sexy Dress.
  • Desert color scheme throughout works well.
  • Two female leads. Yes, they're basically sexy bitches, but still GRRL PWR.
  • When symbolism is so heavy-handed, any social/cinema insight is going to be more meta. I don't have any insight yet, but I know it's there.
  • Milla Jovovich is the female Keanu Reeves, but because she's female she can get away with it. Definitely not a complaint.
  • Resident Evil > Tomb Raider. RE has fun; TR takes itself way way too seriously.

All in all, good fun, seven thumbs up, etc.

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November 17, 2007

Where was I?

Catching up on the past couple of months, for Future-Scott:

  • Lisa out-of-town a lot, so I got to watch a bunch of anime. Kite was very very very dark with hardcore sex that mistreated its protagonists. Bleak ending. Mezzo Forte was very fun, but also had hardcore sex that mistreated its protagonists. There's a contract that a writer has with their audience that says that any transgression will help the character or the story. These were very borderline. Mezzo Forte was good in that the transgressions actually "didn't happen" to the heroes, but they were a little extreme for western sensibilities. Still, I recommend Mezzo Forte (if you're OK w/ the 5 min. of hardcore porn). The Cowboy Bebop movie was completely G/PG and very entertaining. Except for the standard genre idiosyncracies, it was a classic action flick. If you have no problem with the animation/japaniquirks/slapstick, this is highly recommended.
  • Company dinner at Buco di Beppo (sp? later) where the spouses met the spouses. We were in "the Vatican Room" where a crude visage of The Pope sat upon a lazy Susan (lazy Lilith?). Bland wine and very bland food except for a few good dishes. Great to finally get the better halves together.
  • Went to see Resident Evil: Extinction [ IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes ] at the Starlight Drive-in. Been a while since we went to the drive-in and this was the perfect movie for that. It was Milla Jovolicious. Prior to that was a light dinner at Haas in East Atlanta. Nice bar, nice food, recommended.
  • This past week was a $25 5-course dinner at Food Studio. Excellent. The next night was dinner at Houston's then drinks at Eno top flight night. Barbarescos that Lisa liked but I thought were average.
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