May 7, 2015

Music from the Sonic Generator concert, 6 May 2015

Went to see Sonic Generator at MOCA this Wednesday upon prompting by Dan. I'd missed several previous performances and this made up for it. Each piece was its distinct own world. (Mostly) 21st century composition at its finest. [ updated 5 Jul 2015 ] Flyer for the concert: front and back. The program, plus several random videos of other performances of the pieces:

  1. Like sweet bells jangled (2009) - Nathan Davis. Traditional instruments with some electronic phase shifting that I understand audibly yet don't understand the science behind it. Very Music For Airports #1 (which I had seen performed live in Knoxville by Bang on a Can All-Stars!) with the undeniable theme and variations structure, ending with a palette-cleansing scherzo section.
  2. September Canons (2002) - Ingram Marshall. Violin playing against itself. The periods of live sampling and repetition were asymmetrical. Long sense of ocean waves.
  3. Nostalgic Synchronic: Etudes 1-3 (2015) - Dan Trueman. Prepared piano done with an electric piano. I started with a dislike of the sound. I feel like sometimes I'm a traditional modernist who likes new sounds to be created from the composition and arrangement. Altered instruments sometimes leave me cold. Eventually I warmed up and feel these were the most emotional pieces. The three map nicely to a three-movement sonata: brainy, challenging first movement; soft, emotive second; exuberant third. New emotions were created here.
  4. delete/control/option (2008) - Marcos Balter. This was the most demanding for the listener. Very very very sparse, episodic expressions with flute and cello, layered tremolo. The most amazing aspect was that throughout they were seldom individual but rather a single, new instrument.
  5. Music in Similar Motion (1969) - Philip Glass. Ha! The staid, Brandenburg Concerto of the evening, 40+ years old. Very rock and roll and a fiery performance. First time seeing live.

(The videos I picked were either from lack of option or best looking available. There may be other, better performances.)

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