21 August 2004

About the author

This is a short description of the author of Messages from the Ether.

Scott D. Strader, personal information:

Timeline of personal events, education, work, music compositions, and software development:

Resume (PDF) - I'm a software developer currently coding applications in Swift, Java/JEE, Android, and related technologies, with a long history in Windows development.

I have written three rock operas and recorded two for piano and voice. They are available for download as streaming M3Us, MP3s, MIDIs, and scores in Finale's MUS format:

I have created several Android apps and web sites from original ideas:

  • ::Argot - Real-world bookmarks (Android app)
  • ::ContentMetrics - Open web site rating service (Web service)
  • ::EtherWiki - Help topics for my software projects
  • ::Phonebot - Create Android apps from your phone (Android app)
  • ::RadioWave - Streaming radio schedule aggregator (Web site)

As far back as 1995, I had posted to various Usenet newsgroups. The subjects are scattered, the intentions are random, and much of the writing is poor. Here are links to the addresses under which I had posted:

Links to other external content:

Years ago, I had joined SIGSEM (Special Interest Group on Computational Semantics) after going to the 2000 ACL conference (Association for Computational Linguistics) in Seattle. People I am not:

Anything else not linked to from here is probably also not me.

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