September 13, 2014

Smart watch

When the Moto 360 came out I was trying to find a reason to get a smart watch. Can't really justify it in any way but that nagging desire will still be there. It'd be nice for notifications while riding the Vespa, and if it stored audio w/out the phone I'd love to use it for jogging music. Or, better yet, if I could just swap my SIM card and stream music.

Our office watched the Apple event (insert joke about Chinese sponsorship and/or U2's corporate sycophancy here) and was unpleasantly shocked at how their watch was both retro-futuristic and cluttered. The Moto 360 looks much nicer: the outside is timeless, and the screens are simple. Others have noted this odd reversal of expectations. How did Apple get it so wrong? Either way, they have enough of a following that the game is on.

Here are some notable articles on the adventure:

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