August 26, 2013

The comic book series Saga

I've been picking through graphic novels/collections over the past few years. There's been a range of quality--as with any art--but with a rare few classics. Y introduced me to Brian K. Vaughan's writing and it was one of the stronger serialized works I'd come across. I finally decided to check out his other works and got the two volumes x 6-issues-each of the Saga series. This was the most frequently recommended. I've read through the 12 issues three times now and am just shocked at both the creativity in its settings and humanity in its characters. Much more than Y, Saga shocks with nearly surreal scenes that become, ultimately, realistic and thoughtful.

Looking forward to the next issues. #13 was just published this month.

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August 17, 2013

My new scooter

Last Saturday I embraced my inner Midtown hipster and bought a Vespa:

IMAG0540.small.jpg IMAG0542.small.jpg


Looking very Italian with the Fiat. It's been frustratingly rainy this week, but the little time I've had has been great! Longest drive was up to Holywood 24 to watch RiffTrax do Starship Troopers live. Purchased from Motoretta Atlanta over in Westside. Very helpful, highly recommended.

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