19 December 2012

My new Fiat 500 Abarth

At around the end of Aug 2001 I purchased my 2002 Beetle; around five years later I paid it off (not long after I got a surprise in the mail). Even with 6 years of no car payments, 10+ years with the same car is my limit. I went shopping two weeks ago before our trip to Austin, found this 2013 model, and quickly made my decision. My original choice was between a Fiat and a Mini which, one of Lisa's coworkers commented, are often compared in Europe. The test drive convinced me what a solid car the Fiat is, and it's nice not to add to the crowd of 7 or 8 Minis that are already parked near my parking spot at home.

First addition was a bluetooth receiver to stream Internet audio from my phone (found in this thread). Works well. Car-wise, the first week-and-a-half has been great. We have two trips to Knoxville coming up in the next week, so the trunk/back seats will be put to the luggage test.

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