22 March 2016

Rod McKuen

Matt and Mason have been album hunting for their new turntables, and I found Rod McKuen's album Concerto for Balloon and Orchestra on Amazon. Which reminded me of something I had acquired I-know-not-when, but revealed itself after digging through a junk drawer:


Just the idea that he would write something like this boggles the mind. Sadly, I have no cassette player. Tracks:

  • Concerto for Balloon and Orchestra
    • Tournament (11:24)
    • Floating (7:57)
    • Lands End (8:40)
  • Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
    • 1st Movement: Andantino (8:03)
    • 2nd Movement: Romance (9:59)
    • 3rd Movement: Allegro (7:40)
  • Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
    • 1st Movement: The Low Hills (5:05)
    • 2nd Movement: Largo (7:44)
    • 3rd Movement: Mariposas (6:14)
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