Suite for Turntables and Piano — Approaching a new instrument

Once I’d heard about it, I looked far and wide for Ferneyhough’s book of essays and composer interviews but could only find it for $1,300+ used on Amazon (ik,r?) and listed elsewhere as out of stock. Some sites had PDFs but they were generally pay-to-view (Scribd is the main culprit, per usual). Several pages in to the Google results I found a very sketchy-looking site that had it for download. Cool with me. Pages are scanned with greater-or-lesser quality, some clean, some absurdly skewed as they were pressed against the copy machine but still readable. Later, I found a scan a bit cleaner but from an equally sketchy site. Also cool with me.

Yeah, right.
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Coronavirus — 18 Aug 2021 — Uncertainty

Why Vaccinated People Are Not Taking Delta Seriously Enough w/ Dr. Eric Topol (The New Abnormal, 13 Aug 2021)

Dr. Eric Topol (good reporting on his Twitter feed) reports that current vaccines provide protection from delta at around 40-60% effectiveness and a booster would bring that to 90%. The data from a CNN report expands/clarifies those numbers but provides no data on boosters (see images below). On 13 Aug 2021, the CDC advised that immunocompromised people start getting boosters and there are reports that the federal government will recommend all others to get one eight months after their previous shot (our 2nd dose of the Pfizer was 11 Apr 2021, so hello Dec 2021).

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Suite for Turntables and Piano — Notation

Different from when I finished the symphony, near the end of finishing the string quartet I immediately had an idea for this next work. The in-between-time in this instance is not downtime, but rather a period spent on research.

For (manymany) years I’d had the idea but never had the resources–or perhaps commitment–to approach it. The concept was a natural result of a classical/modernist listener who early on listened to Qbert, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Shadow, et al. Choosing a sonata-like approach was an equally natural result for something that lends itself best as a solo instrument.

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