Coronavirus – 28 Jun 2020 – We’ve been here before

Updated 1 Jun 2020

The governors of the worst-affected states are killing their people to impress Trump. They crowed about their bravery but are now sheepishly reversing course (not, of course, without hand-wavy excuses). And every time the governors in Florida and Texas continued with their schedule to reopen, their states were hitting record cases.

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Glenn Branca symphonies

Having owned a cassette of his Symphony #1 (refed back in Sep 2018) and Symphony #3 on vinyl in college, I’ve had some persistent curiosity about his other symphonies. I’m not sure I’ll acquire them (those that are acquireable) because I’m a little out of the noise-rock thing at the moment, but I’d like to at least document what’s available. This information is gathered from:

Other, symphony-specific sources listed with their respective symphony.

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Cambodian cassettes, Saigon rock

A year or so back, probably two years, Lisa and I went to Wax N Facts for a record store day [ed. written before pandemic isolation, how quaint?]. These visits are always discursive and you don’t know where you’ll end so that day I ended at the international/world music section looking for… not sure what. And (dun dun DUN) I found it in spades.

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