Suite for Orchestra, “Figures in a Landscape”–Writing for untuned percussion

One lesson I learned back in 2019 when I was experimenting with orchestral writing was that–one personal revelation that is–I love writing for percussion. From college-and-after-days I’d always admired the drummer and their skill of body-wise coordination rather than hand coordination; admired it likely because it was simply of equal competency to a pianist yet foreign. And that sounds really arrogant, but I think it’s just more naivety of the percussionists’ milieu. No offense, but you’re awesome.

The current state of the second movement, Village I from Suite for Orchestra, “Figures in a Landscape”
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I can’t process this anger

In no order:

  • Moderate Republicans who said we were being alarmist.
  • Liberals/DSA who protest-voted against Hillary.
  • Conservative Democrats (Manchin and Sinema) whose selfish and likely corrupt inaction kneecapped the Senate.
  • All of the Republicans who are now Never-Trumpers who got us into this sexist, racist, classist hell but don’t admit their disastrous culpability.
  • Middle class white women who were too politically lazy to realize what they were voting for and what they were sentencing their daughters to.
  • Moderate (?) Republicans who trusted the word of a judge who sexually assaulted women (fuck “allegedly”)–including anyone who attacked Christine Blasey Ford–and another judge who is part of a far-right X-tian sect.
  • Many on the Supreme Court who were picked with the influence of a millenarianist group [ed. too angry to look for the references I’ve seen, come back later] Updated 5 Jul 2022, it’s Opus Dei:
via @jzikah, 1 Jul 2022, 10:49 AM
  • Teens. Teen women esp. Vote, you stupid motherfuckers. Me and my generation need to fade out and to do so you need to god. damn. take. charge.
  • Me, for being comfortable. This will never affect me in my lifetime so maybe I didn’t do enough?
  • All women (ok, so I mean many) who voted in a manner to let this happen because others said they were being alarmist or because they wanted a Republican over a Democrat no matter the cost or because of gender self-hatred (see also: “shrill Hillary”).

I am so very tired.

January 6th Committee Hearings–Mon 9 Jun 2022

Sat down 45 minutes beforehand. The standard Tweetdeck columns opened. First column, all of those political wonks I grouped together under the custom list titled “Impeachment” and created during the first impeachment hearings. How long ago was that? Then, two columns with search results for the hashtag #January6thCommitteeHearings, one filtered for tweets with a minimum of 20 likes (trending) and one filtered for tweets with a minimum of 100 likes (more sticky). Pre-hearing commentary on MSNBC; streaming hearing on C-SPAN. Let’s go.

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