Symphony No. 1 – YouTube playlist

I finished the audio mixed in Dorico and added the music to YouTube. The music, image, and titles were created with the Movavi Video Editor. Each movement is a separate video, with the full symphony collected in a playlist.

The cover is a painting that I purchased back in late 2012 by Chris Strawbridge titled “Yoru (Night)”. It was the first abstraction in my collection and still one of my favorites.

Hotwax Trax, Asian exploitation cinema soundtracks

I ordered a copy of the movie Bad Girl Mako (Furyô shôjô Mako) (1971) [ IMDB ] from eBay and it came (as expected) as a DVD-R with a color printer cover using a low-res jpg of the movie poster. I’ve sourced most of the legit copies of pinky violence films I can find and just recently discovered fringe sites that sell copies of unavailable films ripped from who-knows-where. I’ve ordered several from a site called DVDLady which, considering the 30-45 day shipping estimate, seems to be non-US. The images from the site all look pretty pixellated too, so I’m expecting DVD-Rs when they arrive.

Junko Natsu as Bad Girl Mako
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