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Update 12 Jan 2022 – Most of this is wildly out of date. It was useful back-in-the-day as reference points of definitions, links, and research papers, but I can’t really vouch for it now as being up to date.

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Survivor’s guilt

The pandemic was good to me.

I thrive alone and so, even as the wife was not in her best place like most others in the world, though I was distraught by what the global “We” were going through, I could deal. Even before the pandemic I worked from home and spent many non-work hours in my office doing non-work things. Not necessarily a very guy thing but just a very introvert thing. I actually have fond memories of the isolation because within that isolation there was, without a better phrase to express it, a warm online camaraderie of artists who gave their time to create that warmth.

The 11th of this month was the four year anniversary of the start (as I noted here when it started).

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Coronavirus — 18 Aug 2021 — Uncertainty

Why Vaccinated People Are Not Taking Delta Seriously Enough w/ Dr. Eric Topol (The New Abnormal, 13 Aug 2021)

Dr. Eric Topol (good reporting on his Twitter feed) reports that current vaccines provide protection from delta at around 40-60% effectiveness and a booster would bring that to 90%. The data from a CNN report expands/clarifies those numbers but provides no data on boosters (see images below). On 13 Aug 2021, the CDC advised that immunocompromised people start getting boosters and there are reports that the federal government will recommend all others to get one eight months after their previous shot (our 2nd dose of the Pfizer was 11 Apr 2021, so hello Dec 2021).

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