Recent movies (and TV)

I’ve been on a viewing jag over the last couple of weeks. Marx Brothers films, Russ Meyer films, an old TV show, a rare Japanese thriller, and a Mario Bava giallo.

  • Marx Brothers
    • A Night at the Opera (1935) [ IMDB ]
    • A Day at the Races (1937) [ IMDB ]
  • Russ Meyer
    • Lorna (1964) [ IMDB ]
    • Supervixens (1975) [ IMDB ]
    • Up! (1976) [ IMDB | Wikipedia ]
    • Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979) [ IMDB ]
  • McMillan and Wife (1971-1977) [ IMDB ]
  • Angel Dust (1994) [ IMDB | Letterboxd | Wikipedia ]
  • Five Dolls for an August Moon (1970) [ IMDB ]
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Hotwax Trax, Asian exploitation cinema soundtracks

I ordered a copy of the movie Bad Girl Mako (Furyô shôjô Mako) (1971) [ IMDB ] from eBay and it came (as expected) as a DVD-R with a color printer cover using a low-res jpg of the movie poster. I’ve sourced most of the legit copies of pinky violence films I can find and just recently discovered fringe sites that sell copies of unavailable films ripped from who-knows-where. I’ve ordered several from a site called DVDLady which, considering the 30-45 day shipping estimate, seems to be non-US. The images from the site all look pretty pixellated too, so I’m expecting DVD-Rs when they arrive.

Junko Natsu as Bad Girl Mako
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Girl Boss: Revenge

Updated 6 May 2021

This is the second of the pinky violence flicks I got recently, along with Delinquent Girl Boss: Blossoming Night Dreams, while trying (hopelessly) to fill the missing slots in my collection. The films and series are difficult to keep track of, but I’ve made an attempt (trust me ~60%): this movie is from the Girl Boss series with Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto, which includes two Girl Boss Blues entries. It is different than the Delinquent Girl Boss series with Reiko Oshida, which, though that series contains a “reform school” entry, is different than the Terrifying Girls’ High School series with Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto. And these have nothing to do with Delinquent Girl Boss from the Stray Cat Rock series.

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Delinquent Girl Boss: Blossoming Night Dreams

I started watching pinky violence films of the 60s/70s a few years back and over time built a large collection of DVDs of probably the most popular, and most accessible. The genre is listed as sexploitation, but they’re really just female gang oriented with little content that’s erotic or even erotic-adjacent. Many films in the genre are part of different series, each showcasing the same lead character across films. The DVDs I have include some complete series, but certain entries have been impossible to find. The two I just obtained were this one, the first of four Delinquent Girl Boss (Zubekô banchô) movies, and Girl Boss: Revenge [ 1973 | Wikipedia | IMDB ], the fourth of seven Girl Boss (Sukeban) movies. Somewhat confusing, I know.

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