The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

I don’t know when I first watched this, but somehow it imprinted on me and every X years I must re-watch and re-live the absolute joy of seeing the Merry Men drop from trees in absurd synchronization, Errol Flynn look with furtive slyness as King Richard’s despot brother’s archers advance on him, and Marian (I can never remember it’s with an “A”) play the haughty-then-human royal ward. And the movie’s Technicolor goodness is a perfect presentation of the mood. That and Korngold’s soundtrack make it an absolute classic.

Moving on from my 60s/70s Italian and Iron Curtain sci-fi obsessions but continuing my Japanese pink film and peplum obsession, I’m now obsessed with Robin Hood and man is there a lot of research to dive into. I’ll also start watching the many good (but mostly bad) tellings of Robin Hood in the cinematic cannon.

What’s not to love?!
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