Coronavirus – 28 Jun 2020 – We’ve been here before

Updated 1 Jun 2020

The governors of the worst-affected states are killing their people to impress Trump. They crowed about their bravery but are now sheepishly reversing course (not, of course, without hand-wavy excuses). And every time the governors in Florida and Texas continued with their schedule to reopen, their states were hitting record cases.

Gov. DeSantis of Florida:

Gov. Abbott of Texas:

Both also made suspicious (charitably) efforts to suppress Coronavirus numbers coming out of their states.

RNC convention is to take place in Jacksonville, FL the week of 24 Aug. Indoors, no attendance restrictions, and no mask requirements.

Everything looks bad.

Updated 1 Jun 2020

Graphs from @COVID19tracking, 1 Jul 2020, 7:35 PM:

“States reported over 50k cases for the first time today, another new record. The national positivity rate is over 7% now, despite ever higher testing levels. Hospitalizations are now at late-May levels.”
“Several big states reported record numbers today: Arizona, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas.”
“Hospitalizations continue to spike in the South and West, as we await the number of currently hospitalized people in Florida, which the state says it will begin reporting in the next few days.”

Georgia’s positives are increasing quickly. This matches my anecdotal walk through the neighborhood and the number of unmasked walkers and unmasked, dense patios.

“Georgia’s numbers have started to look quite bad. Over the last few weeks, testing has grown a little while daily new cases have tripled.”