10 May 2004

Weekend music experience

Friday nite we ended up at The Earl in East Atlanta to see whatever-bands-were-playing. That turned out to be:

  • Good Friday Experiment - Groovy, noisy, hippie-rock ... maybe too many "jams," but overall enjoyable for the venue. Ironically, their last song they cut short just as they were warming up to a very strong dramatic story.
  • Trances Arc - Pure 99x (take that whichever way you'd like), very solid, but they never gave us anything surprising at all.
  • The Corsairs - Inventive, edgy power-pop. What! No Web page? Well, I know I've heard their name for a while, so maybe they live by word-of-mouth. Probably the most interesting band of the evening.

    Only 5-bucks from each of us (that's only $1.66 per person per band) and an evening of fun ensued.

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