21 May 2004

Comedian coincidence

When Jerry Seinfeld was on Jay Leno a week ago, he performed a very funny standup routine. As Kramer said, he "had some good observations." Check out his American Express video. He makes Superman/Puddy out to be a little bit too much of a rambling goofball at times, but it's still entertaining. Like a lost episode of Seinfeld.

Tavis Smiley had a comedian on this morning, Rodney Perry, who covered very similar material to Jerry's. It wasn't plagarism at all ... just a zeitgeisty sort of thing.

Let's compare:

Phone Use

Rodney Perry joked about how rude phone greetings have become. People answer with things such as "what do you want?" and the like.

Jerry joked about how phone use has become aggressive. Features like *69 is used to track down the "culprits," and caller ID allows you to protect yourself from calls.


Rodney, segueing from phone use, suggested that most phone features exist because women always want to know where you are.

Jerry, discussing life at home with Jay Leno, told him that you can make your wife very happy by just being where you said you'd be. He sometimes tells his wife he's going to the hall closet, and he'll stand in there waiting for her to find him.

Weird, huh? Not necessarily interesting. But weird.

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