21 May 2004


The June 2004 C/C++ Users Journal has an article by Herb Sutter on the recent C++ Standards committee meeting. He talks about some of the new extensions to the C++ Standard Library that will be included in the Library Extensions Technical Report 1 (Library TR1) due out later in the year. Vendors should be releasing implementations soon after.

(Most items appear to originate from Boost.)

Looks like some very nice additions. Some items like the shared_ptr and hash containers are long overdue, but it's gotta be a scarey process changing the language itself in such a way as to not break existing code. Other items like is_const and tuple are clever tools that I'll have to experiment with to get them in my head.

The bad part is that some co-workers will still bitch and complain that I'm using scarey technology such as templates and functors in my code, so adding tuples will just ingratiate myself with them even more. Here's a direct quote from a co-worker arguing against me using STL:

I worked with STL in my previous company and I loved it but ... There are definite advantages of using MFC templates than using STL in our product. MFC templates supprts CArchive that makes our serialization comes [sic] so handy.

Where to begin? I should have anticipated the sh*tstorm that came down when I started using Boost.

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