10 June 2004

Transcription: "Ritual" (1st bridge) by Yes

The song "Ritual" (15-meg mp3, or this excerpt) is the fourth in the four-song cycle by Yes called Tales from Topographic Oceans. Each song is aproximately 20-minutes long and many of the musical themes are shared throughout each.

"Ritual" opens with an instrumental introduction after which a short section for guitar transitions to the first verse. This is a transcription of that bridge which lasts from 4:01 to 5:24.

The bridge consists of a simple improvisation on several of the musical themes of the cycle. The songs are:

  1. The Revealing Science Of God - Dance Of The Dawn
  2. The Remembering - High The Memory
  3. 'The Ancient' - Giants Under The Sun
  4. Ritual - Nous Sommes Du Soleil

I've labeled the thematic source for each phrase in the transcription. One interesting point is that measures eight and nine quote a theme from their previous album Close to the Edge. Measures 17, 18, and 19 were more difficult and may have some incorrect 32nd notes.

MIDI transcription

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