13 June 2004


Went to the wife's 20th high school reunion this weekend with Jim D. and her. Shreveport and Bossier (BO-zher) Louisiana apparently have become much more cosmopolitan than they were in 1984--"cosmopolitan" being a relative term--with most of that worldliness coming from the addition of four casinos. I got to see the changes through their eyes as we hit the hot spots and I met more people than I could possibly ever remember. I had a small dose of the understandable sitting-at-the-bar-trying-to-look-interested-as-people-reminisce, and my beloved Sierra Nevada was replaced by the much less beloved Miller Lite, but overall it was a really fun weekend.

Anyone who goes to their high school reunion is much braver than me.

My plan to assume an MIA alumni's persona was abandoned due to too much effort--I couldn't put up with that a whole weekend. I did however learn the class cheer:

Look out Bearkats, hear our roar, we're the class of 84

Most of the scandals were of little interest to me because of the lack of history (thin girl now fat, fat girl now thin, guy now bald), but there were some sexual shenanigans a-goin' on that were kinda funny to see played out (well, not actually see). I guess high school relationships wouldn't be high school relationships without scandal.

And an odd contrast to the cities' developments: Lisa & Jim realized that the high school has not changed at all. It was a little run down.

The revelation of the weekend: apparently, we went to school with a lot of good ole boys. (Thus the popularity and prominence of Miller Lite, duh.)

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