25 June 2004

RIP Bob Bemer

/. cracks me up. Here're some threads from a discussion on Bob Bemer's death.

(He helped create ASCII, coined the word COBOL, and warned of Y2K problems back in 1971. His Web site has lots of fun, geeky stuff. Hey, he looks Max von Sydow!)

Funny, the article that claimed he was 78 mentions that he was born in Febuary, 1920. Now I may not have the best grade in my advanced Calc class, but even I know 2004-1920 != 78.

-> Well, the article got it a lot closer than me. My calculations came up with an age of -16 years.

-> I wonder if his tombstone will read Here lies Bob Bemer 1920-19104.

So one might say that he's been ALT-F4'ed?

-> Hmm... Could it be his "server" was \.'ed?

-> Gone on to a higher code page?

82 73 80

-> Please, this man is a geek and deserves to be thusly honored.
0x52 0x49 0x50

-> For the lazy:
082 122 052 01010010 R
073 111 049 01001001 I
080 120 050 01010000 P

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