28 June 2004

Heat Vision and Jack

Waxy's got the wonderful pilot of Heat Vision and Jack ripped to three MPGs. Heat vision and Jack is a show created in 1999 and directed by Ben Stiller. In it, Jack Black is an astronaut who develops super-intelligence after being [e]xposed to inappropriate levels of solar energy. Owen Wilson is the voice of his roommate who's been turned into a motorcycle. Together the travel the back roads and fight crime where they find it! All the time, they must avoid being captured by the evil Ron Silver, played by Ron Silver.

The show could've been a classic and has sort of achieved classic-status underground. Imagine The Six Million Dollar Man mixed with The Incredible Hulk (TV show) mixed with Knight Rider. I read the transcript a while back and was hooked:


--Jack punches a werewolf across the face

--Jack makes out with a beautiful woman.

--Jack types on a computer keyboard in a dark office. The screen says "ACCESSING MAINFRAME."

--Jack sword-fights with the Devil.

If Waxy ever removes the MPGs, they'll still be sitting on my server (slower throughput, sorry):