29 June 2004

Radio Free Web

Here's an article from Wired that lists several of the best streaming radio sites available. Most are still free but are struggling to stay free because of The Evil Music Industry. I remember listening to Live365 a couple of years back and watching many of its user-broadcasted stations drop out as outrageous fees and restrictions began to be enforced. Groups under the title Save Internet Radio attempted to counter-lobby with some success. And there still are, of course, all of the foreign radio stations available. Cool.

And I was just reminiscing last night about when I started to listen to Internet radio as long ago as 1994. Broadcast.com (pre-yahoo) had a CD Jukebox with a bunch of random music. Some of it was obscure, but they eventually had a David Bowie CD and DJ Shadow's CD.

From the Wired article:

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