13 July 2004

NEA funding

This page from the NEA site has some nifty JavaScript that outlines the grant process.

Here are the steps it describes:

  1. Guidelines Available
  2. Application guidelines are made available on the Arts Endowment's web site.

  3. Application Submitted
  4. Staff checks whether the application met the deadline and, if so, assigns an application number and returns the completed Application Acknowledgment to the applicant. Applications are forwarded to Program staff.

  5. Staff Review
  6. Staff reviews applications for completeness and eligibility and may contact an applicant for clarification and additional information. Panel books with application materials are sent to panelists several weeks before the panel meeting. Work samples may be distributed in advance or may be held for review at the panel.

  7. Panel Review
  8. Panels generally meet from one to five days, depending on application load. Each panel is made up of experts with knowledge and experience in the area under review. Each application is reviewed and rated in accordance with the published review criteria.

  9. National Council/Chairman Review
  10. The staff reconciles the panel recommendations with available funds and forwards them to the National Council on the Arts, where they are reviewed in open session. The Council makes recommendations on which applications to fund and which applications to reject. Fast-Track Review Grants receive an expedited review. Following panel and staff review, recommendations are forwarded to the Chairman.

  11. Notification
  12. A letter is sent to applicants not recommended for funding. Applicants recommended for Standard Review Grants may be contacted first for revisions to the project. Fast-Track Grant applicants will receive a preliminary letter of notification. Grantees later receive an official grant award notification with information about legal and reporting requirements.

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