12 August 2004


I woke up at 4:11 last night after I heard a blast outside. Must've been the storm, but all I could think of at the time was that it was some trouble-making off in the distance. So I looked at the clock to remember the time.

I was in the middle of an extended and vivid dream. I was with a small group of people swimming in a narrow channel through an ice flow. The channel was maybe 20 meters across and 40 or 50 meters long and ended at some ice wall where great waves would occasionally crash over. The water didn't seem cold and was very clear and ... get this ... we were on another planet.

I know. Weird.

So anyway, we were swimming up and down and wondering what's causing the waves to crash. We got out of the water and went to a small, open-plan house right next to the channel. I eventually saw that there was water rushing out from an electrical panel in the ceiling of the kitchen. It would shoot out every few minutes, flow outside and down a small hill, then gather speed to become the waves that we had seen earlier.

Later in the dream, I had an, I guess, Nietzschean revelation. I don't remember what prompted it, but I thought: "every situation in our life is a prison--work, home, hobbies--and it's only free will that provides us the chance to escape those prisons."

I really gotta try not to dream tonight.

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