16 August 2004

Review: Da Vinci's (restaurant) (3/5)

This is becoming my new favorite restaurant: it's open till 2:30 AM every night except Sunday, it's got a good selection of wines and inexpensive Italian food, and the bartender is hot--and she knows us by name already. Cool.

It's a small joint on Myrtle right off of Ponce with a shotgun bar plus a few tall tables downstairs. We've been their a half-dozen times so far and still have never been upstairs. The 2:30 closing time, for wine and food, is the big selling point. There are too few late night joints (with food and drink) in this city: Atkin's Park has the best real menu and The Vortex has the best bar food.

A similar joint, within walking distance, is the new bar at Mid City Lofts on Spring St. Very nice people and a limited, unique selection of drinks (for example, Turbo Dog and no Budweiser/Miller/Coors type beers, and only a few different wines). We talked to the owner one night (I think...) and suggested he start advertising heavily in the local condos. I was just lucky it was on my jogging route, or we might have never known about it.

The place in Mid City Lofts is called, simply, Midcity Cafe.
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