22 August 2004

No, but there's an I in idiot

At this hypothetical company, we're one week away from having the clients in-house and testing the new software for all major features. They'll be here for two weeks and will expect to see everything working at around 90% compete. All the features should be there, but they can still be a little rough around the edges.

This'd be OK, except for the fact that the project's understaffed and still very (very) far behind. That's always a problem anywhere you go, so I guess you do what you can with who you have. Until, of course, one of those-that-you-have comes up with this little gem as I'm emphasizing how much we're behind, and how we gotta do some non-goofing-off for the next week:

But I'm on schedule, aren't I?


I shouldn't be so flabbergasted, but I've really never encountered stuff like this first hand. Well, to be fair, maybe I saw it on the periphery and never had it affect me so directly. I'm not saying that I'm the model student here, with smiley faces and gold stars on my report cards, but I don't think I've ever abandoned everyone else so completely.

But if I had done that, in this or a past life: man this is retribution.

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