29 August 2004

Rock music is dead

MTV Video Music Awards: Jet playing a polished version of "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and I can't help but think:

  • The Woggles are the kings of retro-60s garage and they're wallowing in nobodydome, but at least they have the credibility of like 5,000 releases. Seriously.
  • The Who would have destroyed the stage and never been invited again.

I hate to be a you-have-to-be-rebellious-to-be-a-rocker type person, because that's exactly the opposite of what I am or at least what I think I am. But when button-down studio kiddies dance like trained monkeys (in Cool Radical Outfits!!) for corporate events and the ones they're mimicking play to half-full local bars (but probably still make the living they're glad to make): I have to think that rock music is and should be dead.

Whilst researching and transcribing Quadrophenia, I came across an anecdote about a concert where the drummer, Keith Moon, made it through the most complex set only to pass out afterwards in an alcoholic stupor. Given the passion and passionate talent of Pete Townshend plus the train wreck of destruction that The Who provided--they could never exist or survive in today's music world. Ambition and anarchy are dead.

Usher singing some empty song about nothing: I can see the dance-kids self-absorbed and mouthing the words. Music as entertainment is the lowest form of art there is, if it can be considered art at all. At least some bands are trying.

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