3 September 2004

Useless facts I discovered this morning

I woke up hung over, and my computer had the BSOD. Coincidence?

Sensodyne tastes bad, and it completely clogs up your toothbrush.

Apparenty if you leave Peachtree Lofts early enough in the morning, you get to see strippers walking from The Cheetah to the Midtown Marta station (Strippers, Jerry! Strippers!!). Well, they should be strippers if they're not. And yes, even though they're in regular clothes they Look That Good.

Small compliments go a long way. When I was at the dentist about to complain that my teeth whitener wasn't working (lots of coffee plus a little vanity), before I could say anything the assistant said they looked much whiter. When I was at the emergency room for my smashed up finger, the doctor complimented me on my hands (the non-smashed up part). She said they were very attractive--which Florence Nightingaled me into feeling a little better. Am I that vain?? Maybe.

Apparenty, strippers also get coffee at the Starbucks on Piedmont in Buckhead.

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