3 September 2004

He can go to zell, part 2

Two points about Zell:

First, thanks to The Centrifuge for mailing me the FactCheck.org dissection of the Zell's fucking lies. I had been polling Spinsanity with no luck yet. I always forget to check FactCheck.org. I hate to be a link monkey, but I don't have anything to add to FactCheck.org's info. Slate also has a nicely detailed article on ZFLs (among other things).

Second, such dissections don't bring me much hope since women who trust god over humans in human affairs will still have their say and their say is not borne on reading or research.

Third (OK, three points), I caught Jon Stewart's DNC and RNC shows last night. I saw the RNC show first and felt it seethed with bias. Then I saw the DNC show and realized he was almost as scathing as in the RNC one. No, I didn't get those letters mixed up. He's liberal, but I appreciate his general evenhandedness.

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