12 September 2004

What you got, homes?

I left work early on Friday (at 4:00) and got to listen to Fresh Air. They broadcast an earlier interview with Father Gregory Boyle, a Jesuit priest who runs a company called Homeboy Industries. With it, he attempts to train and employ ex-gang members. Wow. The story was so refreshing, so human. The last time I was as touched was when I had read about the work of Mother Theresa. Father Boyle was very humble and had such a desire to help others.

I've been on panels with born-again folks who will say things like "I don't know why we're talking about economic justice and jobs when what we really need to be telling these kids is that Jesus is their personal saviour." No one would be more horrified by that that perspective than Jesus. He would say: "What are you talking about?" This is about rolling up your sleeves and really walking with folks who are having a hard time. It's about concrete help. It's not about inserting a message in their ear lobe, it's about somehow imitating the god you believe in.

Cool. Listen. His ideas on living a life that helps others are well-expressed and inspiring.

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