14 October 2004

Gibson's back

William Gibson signed off his blog September of last year for eminently reasonable reasons:

I’ve found blogging to be a low-impact activity, mildly narcotic and mostly quite convivial, but the thing I’ve most enjoyed about it is how it never fails to underline the fact that if I’m doing this I’m definitely not writing a novel – that is, if I’m still blogging, I’m definitely still on vacation. I’ve always known, somehow, that it would get in the way of writing fiction, and that I wouldn’t want to be trying to do both at once. The image that comes most readily to mind is that of a kettle failing to boil because the lid’s been left off.

He's back and has opened with a bit of political wordsmithery:

[T]he creative intelligence of my friend from the DoD prevailed not at all in the face of ... a certain tragically crass cunning with regard to the mass pyschology of the American people.
One actually has to be something of a specialist, today, to even begin to grasp quite how fantastically, how baroquely and at once brutally fucked the situation of the United States has since been made to be.

Well, I never said it was cheery wordsmithery.

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