15 October 2004

Two weeks

A weight has been lifted.

My resignation had been in for over a month with only the informal date of when-the-project-ships. That date may be slipping, and I realized that word-of-mouth contracts are not the best in this situation. Here's my letter that went out today:

I am sending this email as notice of my resignation from this hypothetical company effective 29 October 2004 (the last Friday of this month). I will sincerely do all that I can within this time to complete every vital task that is still before me. For any continued work that is required, I will be available for up to 16 hours a week at $XX an hour. I have been documenting my code to try to facilitate a smoother knowledge transfer, and I will continue to record all relevant information that might help those who follow.

My priority now is to get defects fixed.

I feel that continued work with no solid end date is not in the best interest of either myself or this hypothetical company. For myself, interest will naturally diminish as will focus and quality, and this hypothetical company gains nothing by marrying project completion to a temporary resource.

That's the formal part. Here's my message:

As much as possible I want my resignation to be amicable, but more importantly I want to know that I'm acting correctly. In other words: I want you to accept my decision without animosity but know that the only true measure is that I act ethically. I honestly think that this resignation timeframe passes the second test. I hope that it passes the first.

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