22 October 2004

Two lines that made me laugh

Watched Around the World in 80 Days [IMDB] on the flight back from Las Vegas (don't you make the same mistake). It actually had a couple of classic slapstick lines that made me laugh. One had Phileas Fogg quipping as he was threatened by a Chinese ninja with a spikey wrist-band: "Your threats do not frighten me, nor does your silly bracelet." When the ninja flips his wrist and a daggar extends from the "bracelet," Phineas replies: "OK, it's not that silly." (Timing is everything. The shift from expecting him to say "OK, maybe I am afraid." and his emphasis of "bracelet" had a keen, Groucho sensibility about it.)

I just saw and ad for Comedy Central's Drawn Together, a cartoon reality show with vaguely familiar cartoon characters living in a house together. A Little Mermaid character reacts to a sassy insult from a (possibly) street-wise Valerie character (a la Josie and the Pussycats) with: "She’s attacking me like I’m the English language."


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