22 October 2004

What to do?

From two different sources, I get: I'm voting for Bush because he's been successful with the war on terror.

No, stay with me here, I'm serious.

The first source was my sister-in-law. I normally handle her with respect because we have such little conflict that there's no need to create confrontations. Our worlds are very separate, and our opinions really don't diverge prominently.

Until now, I guess. I think I always knew she was conservative, but I assumed she would have that embarrassed what-can-you-do shrug of apology that many conservatives have when the issue of Iraq is raised. In my insulated world, everyone knew he'd screwed up, effectively lied about the connection of Iraq to al Quaeda ("lied about" being translated to "overestimated" for most Republicans), and did little to really secure America.

Jesus F. Christ was I wrong.

Sis-in-law trusts him--trusts him--to protect America from the blah blah blah. Enter your xenophobic designation here. No, she's not xenophobic, but I think she's only responding Cheney's fear-mongering diatribe, so I'll analyse it as such.

Somewhat more importantly, she emphasizes that her opinion is not borne of research but of impressions. That is: she admits that she hasn't read all that much about 9/11 and Iraq and al Quaeda but that it appears that Bush can be trusted to protect us and Kerry cannot.

So let me set the scene before you choke on that last sentence. It was a family get-together and the wife was there ("do not argue with anyone about politics"). Aaaand, I've never attacked sis-in-law about anything, so it would probably've been a little weird. We've always been on the same side. You know how it is.

I'm concerned. Raising the nieces with religion is tolerable, but this Bush-is-a-military leader thing is reason to call in DFACS.

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