23 October 2004

Oh drat, part 5

Two problems: Eb maj 7, and G# to A.

Eb maj 7 (in the root position) requires your hand to be higher up on the keyboard and for your index finger to slip in between the Gb and Ab. This doesn't work so well with a crooked index finger. The PT says that the swelling will go down, so maybe after more exercise it won't be so cumbersome. See measure 36 below:

A Silent Spectrum (page 4)

The G#-to-A issue occurs when I'm holding the upper D with my pinky. The thumb must go under the index finger, but because of the angle of the break (which points the index finger in towards the middle finger) my thumb isn't moving as far up as it should. It's all very fast muscle-memory, which makes it worse--muscle-memory is the hardest to un-learn (rule number 1: don't learn passage incorrectly to begin with). I'm playing G#-D with fingers 2 and 5 of my right hand and then moving from G# with 2 to A with 1. That last move is the shakey one. Simple. But shakey.

See the third beat of measure 22 below:

No One Receiving (page 2)

Again, I guess I have to say that I'm grateful (and I should be grateful) if these are the least of my problems.

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