26 October 2004


So I recently talked about getting an SD GPS card for my phone. Right? Well what do I get today but an email from MobilePlanet with the subject line Scott: GPS Pocket PC with 128MB SD Card. Even though I'm on their mailing list, it'd be scary if it weren't useful.

OK, it's still a little scary.

The gadget they were trying to sell me was a PDA with integrated GPS. Blah. Not exactly what I wanted--what kind of economic carnivore [Wikipedia] is this?!? Ahh, but a little further searching finds this:

Pharos SD GPS

Here are the features:

  • Pharos SDIO GPS Receiver, small, compact design
  • Turn-by-turn voice directions will guide you to your destination with ease and confidence
  • Choose from full map, directional arrow, arrow/map split screens, compass, or text directions depending on your navigation needs
  • Integrated with Windows powered Pocket Outlook contacts
  • Web access to maps and software
  • Access Real-time traffic & Web-based points of interest right onto your mobile device (with Internet access and subscription)

That last one's the clincher. It looks like you have to pay for a monthly subscription to have access to the actual mapping. Even though it means airtime, it's very nice that the mapping is online and not in some huge database sitting on your PDA. I'm not sure how much the subscription is, but the cost of the GPS card pays for the first three months.

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