26 October 2004

The sting

Cheeky monkeys. They send emails spoofing a reply-to from my own ISP and expect me to fall for their shenani ... shananna ... shannana ... their tom-foolery! No, I tell you. No!!

First, they send an email cc-ing every email combination from sstrader to sstreit (sorry, sstreit, if I just got you spammed further). Then, they hide a fractured url pointing to some Korean site at artcraft.or.kr and hiding behind an Earthlink url. The nerve. Notice the embedded null below:

Please take a moment to update your credit card information by clicking <a href=3D"http://billing.earthlink.net=01=%00@artcraft.or.kr/board_old/icon/Type08/">http://billing.earthlink.net/up=date.cgi?id=3D347182</a> and submitting your information.

I'm sick of them and thier comment spam brothers. They're all after me. All of them!

[ posted by sstrader on 26 October 2004 at 11:08:15 PM in Misc ]