28 October 2004

Musical geek humor

Yeah, there's Richard Strauss's hi-LAR-ious insturmentation in Till Eulespiegel (yawn), there's Peter Schickele's many watered-down Monty Python skits as P. D. Q. Bach (get it? the proliferation of initials when talking about Bach's sons is satirized as Pretty Damn Quick--tee hee!), and then there's the Animal House humor of Frank Zappa. Music is really wanting, and failing, in the comedy category.

So it's with caution that I pass on these Letters from camp from Musical Perceptions. They are various summer camp letters as if they were written by great composers ... great modern composers, so the humor is even more esoteric.

They made me laugh, though. Take two years of music history (or listen to these guys regularly) and you'll laugh too.

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