3 November 2004


Strangely, the most upsetting result for me was that for the gay marriage issue. It affects me in no way--though I've had many gay friends in the past, I currently have only one who is an infrequent acquaintance. However, I think it represents, for me, the decision-making that brought us to where we are.

I recently worked with someone who 1. felt that Bush had defeated the 9/11 terrorists by invading Iraq and 2. felt that gays were unconscionably selfish by trying to have special laws written specifically for themselves. Gadzooks on both counts. I don't think I'm skirting the issues by not addressing both arguments in this space. It's exhausting and terrifying that choices are made based not on flawed information that corrects the choice as the information is corrected, but instead on a lack of adherence to any logic.

And perhaps more importantly, we live in a society that is helpless to such careless choices.

(And no, I am not the holder of all things knowledgeable, and I am often wrong, and I hate that anti-intellectual screeching forces anyone with an opinion of the quality of another's opinion to defend themselves against such screeching. Some opinions are worse than others. Pointing out those characteristics is not condescending intellectualism. It's common sense.)

(And no, it's not the common sense that conservatives preach with old-fashioned homilies straight out of a Pepperidge Farm commercial. It's common sense based on provable and disprovable logic.)

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