8 November 2004

Study: Arctic warming at twice the global rate

The ACIA report (which I mentioned a few days ago) is bubbling up to larger media outlets (CNN), but will probably be ignored by most.

The report mainly blames the melt on gases from fossil fuels burnt in cars, factories and power plants. The Arctic warms faster than the global average because dark ground and water, once exposed, traps more heat than reflective snow and ice.

For years, most objective scientists have agreed that this is happening, yet the dissent of a few in the minority has commanded our policy. Years ago, it was the ozone hole over Antarctica [Wikipedia] that signalled trouble. This is not an I-told-you-so on my part, but I'm sick of arguing with ignorant assholes who believe that there's some scientific conspiracy against the oil companies. Stop being dumb, people.

[ posted by sstrader on 8 November 2004 at 3:03:37 PM in Science & Technology ]