11 November 2004

Zombie survival

Jest Magazine has a Zombie Apocalypse Survival guide. It shouldn't be confused with The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead [Amazon] by an SNL writer.

The Jest article is sometimes funny (This is going to be a long apocalypse. If you have only guys looking down the barrel of an apocalypse, you are going to have a sausage fest. Nobody likes a sausage fest.) and sometimes just goofily grim (Look to your left and right. These people will probably die.). The photo opening the article is pretty funny though.

It did remind me of an article from The Straight Dope that I had read a while back titled When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails? It is written with a sincere effort to answer the question with statements like Combined-cycle gas turbines would likely operate unattended for a shorter length of time – perhaps only a day or two, depending on the age of the plant and the degree of automation. And includes references to government sites on energy management. Neat-o. The Straight Dope site has many other interesting slightly waste-of-time type articles.

I don't feel any safer about zombies though.

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