14 November 2004

ID: 1, Evolution: 0

School board OKs challenges to evolution. The article says that this Dover, PA school is the first in the country to let in Intelligent Design. Gah. And the Cobb county trial is finishing up, so maybe we're next.

The point at issue in Cobb is the mandate that stickers be placed in biology textbooks stating that [e]volution is a theory, not a fact. People: gravity is a theory. But it's also a fact. The scientific explanation of gravity is the theory part. The observation is the fact part. It's a fact that organisms have changed over time. Evolution is the only theory we've got that explains that fact adequately.

As a side note, check out the cool Flash animation, from the Dover, PA article, showing the four major geologic period and showing the arrangement of the continents for each. Very spiffy.

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