9 December 2004


A first, basic version of my Radio TiVo utility is now available here. The site is called RadioWave and contains browseable listings of six different radio stations:

  • NPR - Internet news stream
  • WABE 90.1 FM Atlanta classical
  • WCLK 91.9 FM Atlanta jazz
  • WCPE 89.7 FM Wake Forest classical
  • WRAS 88.5 FM Georgia State (no stream, possibly outdated Web schedule)
  • WREK 91.1 FM Georgia Tech

RadioWave screen-scrapes the Web sites and presents the program schedules hourly or daily by station. You can browse future days, but detailed listings are generally only available the day of the broadcast. The "Now" tab returns to the current time and day. Clicking the musical notes starts the stream; clicking the call letters navigates to the that station's tab. On the station tab, you can also navigate to the station's Web site and schedule page.

Besides adding more stations, I plan on making the following changes (feel free to post any suggestions or complaints):

  • Screen-scrape to a database - Currently, every page load retrieves the relevant data from the source pages. A database will make this more efficient and allow searching.
  • Create a search page
  • Clean up existing stations - WCPE is sometimes missing the last song of the day, WREK generates duplicate listings, some titles and descriptions can be formatted more cleanly
  • For long station listings, scroll the page to the current time
  • Support stations with playlists but no times (e.g. if a show from 6-8 plays a specific artist, return that show from the search page)

Many stations don't have good online schedules or any streaming. I started off with the stations I listen to and will be adding more as I find them. Post your suggestions or any comments.

Viva sabbatical!

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