3 January 2005

Pass the phone

Well, the phone has still not appeared. Apres Diem is sure they don't have it, and the day of the loss we cleaned the house for our New Year's guests so there aren't too many places for it to hide. Yes, I am that scatter-brained sometimes.

The good news is that it forced me to change any password that might have been hidden away in there. Paypalbankingmindspringnetworkmortgagedomain. All taken care of. I was overdue for a password and user name overhaul anyway. If anyone finds this phone:

Audiovox Thera

Either around Apres Diem on Monroe in Atlanta or down the street near the ATM at Flying Biscuit, you have a generous reward waiting.

[ posted by sstrader on 3 January 2005 at 7:57:34 PM in Misc ]