4 January 2005

Premiere: The Silent Spectrum

This is tentative pending the wife's consent (and if Carlos the piano tuner doesn't bump my appt.), but anyone who's interested is invited to come over to our condo and listen to my new rock opera, The Silent Spectrum, on Thursday January 27th at 8 PM. It should last until around 9:15. Drinks and appetizers will be available.

This is partially a vanity project--I've been working on this for over a year and a half and would like to prove to my friends I've actually been working on something--and partially a milestone before recording. I did a "home premiere" for the first one and I don't think it was too painful for people. Again, there'll be drinks.

As further bribery, attendees get a cool program to follow along and a free copy of the CD whenever it happens.

This is very casual and more of a public run-through than a hoity-toity performance. No one's ever said I had a riveting stage presence, but the music is cool and the story is engaging. I'll post changes or updates if they occur and will tell any non-Internet-addicted friends off-line (there's an off-line?!?).

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