20 January 2005

All about me

I don't like to talk about blogs too much, but this needs to be said. I'm tired of hearing the opinion that you must make your blog interesting to others. This blog is for me and me alone. If someone else finds something interesting or useful, then hooray for me I've added something to society. Or, if I state something incorrectly, hopefully someone will set me straight. Ultimately, and I don't think I'm unique in this, most everything here is just me talking to myself in public. No one needs to care that I lost my phone. Twice. Or that I created a poor but serviceable analysis of a Chopin prelude. Those things will happen without anyone reading about them.

A friend had mentioned before about how to get people to read your site. Who cares? Most people I speak with do this as a therapy of sorts. The readers (no offense if anyone's reading this) are a happy by-product. There are a majority of bloggers out there writing just to write and that's fine.

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