28 January 2005

Deep in the new

I got sidetracked on a spelunking tour of the Internets and found some new music sites. Those along with a few previous acquisitions need to be enumerated:

  • The Wire
  • Magazine of cutting-edge music. All over the map. [ via Tim Rutherford-Johnson) ]

  • Piero Scaruffi's History of Rock Music
  • Breaks every rule of Web page design, but has a wealth of info and opinion on the last 50 years in rock.

  • stereogum
  • Music news and MP3s. [ via mingaling ]

  • 3hive
  • MP3s from newnew bands. [ also via mingaling ]

  • musicplasma (visual music group thesaurus)
  • I blogged this long, long ago, but it was a key tool today for my research.

  • Rhapsody
  • Streaming music service with > 20,000 albums. Who are all of these bands that everyone's talking about? What do they sound like? Well, references from The Wire are often missing, but Rhapsody allows you to quickly listen to more than just an Amazon 30-second clip of that unknown artist.

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