30 January 2005

A9's Yellow Pages

Amazon's A9 search engine has recently added Yellow Pages to its search tools. Along with a map of matches within a specific region, it provides addresses and--get this--store-front photos. You can also move the view up and down the street or get a listing of nearby businesses.

This will be a must on our next trip to NYC at the beginning of June. Hopefully by then I will have figured out how to link to stores. The URLs are session based but come from Amazon, so they should be similar to their other URLs. I can add the results to a travel Web page with addresses and photos of places to go. We had been regularly staying at The Metropolitan on 51st and Lexington, but a recent bad experience during renovations and the resulting cost increases after those renovations have us looking for new lodging in an as-yet-undetermined neighborhood. Currently reading recommendations from The Morning News.

[ via CNN -> A9 ]

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